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Australia: Past, Present & Future</br> two-week study abroad program

Australia: Past, Present & Future
two-week study abroad program

ICTE-UQ is pleased to offer students from around the world a unique opportunity to discover Australia’s history, culture, environment, economy and politics through the ‘Australia: Past, Present & Future’ two-week study abroad p...

ICTE-UQ is pleased to offer students from around the world a unique opportunity to discover Australia’s history, culture, environment, economy and politics through the ‘Australia: Past, Present & Future’ two-week study abroad program. Students will be able to gain real-world experience, broaden their perspective and see the world in a new way.


Monday 18 July - Friday 29 July 2016

Sample Schedule

Past Present Future Sample Schedule 2016

About the Program

The Australia: Past, Present & Future program is a fixed-date program that is open to students from all over the world. The objective of the program is to introduce the students to Australia economically, socially and politically. The students will gain valuable insight into a variety of features of the Australian political, cultural and social environment through a series of presentations, interactive workshops, and professional site visits to Australian companies, institutes and landmarks.

During the program students will:

  • Discover the history, culture and people that have made Australia what it is today and learn how globalisation, particularly the rise of Asian and Latin American economies, will shape its future.
  • Attend business, politics, history, sustainability and sport seminars at The University of Queensland - a university ranked in the top 100 worldwide.
  • Visit Australian companies and meet with industry experts.
  • Experience Australia’s culture, art, sport and customs, modern multicultural city life, beautiful beaches and pristine national parks.
  • Learn about the world’s most ancient living culture - Australia’s Indigenous people. Theirs is the oldest story on Earth and provides an indelible understanding of our land, its spirituality and wonder.
  • Explore Brisbane, the sub-tropical state capital of Queensland. Brisbane is located between the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and is Australia’s gateway to business in the Asia Pacific.

Accommodation and Meals

The program cost includes homestay accommodation which includes lodging, breakfast and dinner on weekdays and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends. Students have their own bedroom furnished with bed, desk, chair and wardrobe and have access to all living areas of the family home. ICTE-UQ homestay families are often mixed nationality and/or single parent families, reflecting the family demographics of Australian society, with homes located within a 10-kilometre radius of The University of Queensland. Transport to/from ICTE-UQ is usually by bus or train and on average takes 40-50 minutes up to a maximum of 50-60 minutes.

Homestay placement can be on the basis of one or two group participants per family. Students staying two to a family each have their own bedroom. Please note that lunches are not included on weekdays except for the farewell lunch on the final day of the program. Lunches can be purchased at the campus cafeteria for approximately AUD$10 on weekdays.

Program Cost

AUD$2,500 per participant

Inclusions: Airport transfers (local), all lectures, activities and site visits, homestay accommodation (including breakfast and dinner on weekdays and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends).
Exclusions: Weekday lunches (approximately AUD$10 per day), public transport costs to and from campus (approximately AUD$7-$8 per day) and personal expenses.

Please note that the program price does not include international airfares or mandatory health and travel insurance.

Application and Requirements

Application deadline is Monday 16 May 2016.

All content will be delivered in English and it is recommended that students have an intermediate or above level of English. The program is open to students 18 years and above.

Please note that a minimum of a total of 20 enrolments are required for the program to proceed.

Apply here: Australia Past Present Future Application Form

More about the Program: Australia Past Present Future Flyer

More Information

Please contact:
Klaus Grosseholz
Extension Studies International
Tel: +61 7 3346 6714

Customised Academic, Technical and Vocational Programs

Customised Academic, Technical and Vocational Programs

Customised academic, technical and vocational programs are tailored to meet the needs of groups of international students and professionals.

Programs are typically 2-7 weeks in duration and include a flexible combination of:
  • Guest lectures and presentations
  • Workshops, seminars and discussion panels
  • Site and field visits
  • Cultural/tourist activities
Program content and presenters are drawn from the specialist resources of UQ's academic, research and professional community.
Expert presenters from local government, industry and community organisations are also sourced to provide the best combination of program sessions and a balance between academic and experiential learning.
Programs can be delivered on the UQ St Lucia campus, throughout Queensland and Australia as well as offshore locations with the option of including a multi-city/multi-country focus.
Programs can also include a work placement, professional mentoring element or guided research project.
Program areas
UQ is a comprehensive, research intensive university that offers a wide range of specialisations through its faculties and research institutes from which ICTE-UQ can source program presenters and content. UQ faculties include:

A small selection of programs delivered recently by ICTE-UQ include:

  • Criminal Justice Studies
  • International Business Studies
  • Agribusiness & Soil Science
  • Veterinary Science
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Research Development & Commercialisation
  • Waste Water Management

More information

ICTE-UQ would be pleased to discuss with you how we can custom design a program to meet your needs. Please contact us at
Customised Corporate Training Programs

Customised Corporate Training Programs

ICTE-UQ has significant experience designing and delivering programs that meet the professional development needs of international organisations and government groups.

Programs provide opportunities for participants to develop practical skills that can be applied directly to their own professional context whilst gaining valuable international insights into their field.

Programs content is developed in close consultation with client partners and typically includes a combination of:

  • guest lectures and presentations
  • workshops, seminars and discussion panels
  • site and field visits
  • research projects/professional mentoring

Program content is delivered by the Institute's qualified business trainers as well as:

  • Expert presenters sourced from the UQ academic and professional community
  • Leading corporate, government and educational organisations.

Programs can be delivered in Brisbane, throughout Australia as well as in offshore locations.

Program areas

ICTE-UQ can develop customised professional development programs in a broad range of disciplines and professional areas. A small selection of recent programs delivered by ICTE-UQ include:

  • Contemporary Approaches to Human Resource Development
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leading & Managing
  • Business Skills

More information

ICTE-UQ would be pleased to discuss with you how we can custom design a program to meet the training and development needs of your organisation. Please contact us at  
Professional Year Program - PYP

Professional Year Program - PYP

The Professional Year Program is an Australian Government initiative to assist international student graduates kick start their career in Australia.

The Professional Year Program provides an additional pathway from study to employment in Australia for international student graduates through:
  • Part-time professional development workshop training
  • A professional internship placement
Participants who successfully complete the PYP may also be awarded points under the Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) General Skilled Migration points test. Read more...


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