English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is offered at two levels and is designed to prepare students for success in academic study and in the IELTS test. Students must meet course entry requirements to apply.

EAP develops academic language as well as study and research skills. Course materials and assessment reflect the type of activities and learning environment students experience in a degree or academic study program, such as attending lectures, note-taking, writing extended essays, reading academic texts, giving presentations and participating in group discussions.
Course Outcomes
EAP enables students to:
  • Apply a range of reading skills in order to understand and make notes on a variety of written texts
  • Express facts, ideas and opinions in writing, using correct and appropriate vocabulary, grammatical structures and other features of academic writing
  • Use a range of study skills (including research skills) in order to gather and combine information and ideas from different sources.
  • Understand spoken English in conversations, discussions and lectures and to take notes
  • Speak clearly and confidently
  • Apply the skills and language studied to the IELTS test
Students can complete an IELTS test towards the end of their EAP course to demonstrate that they meet the English language proficiency requirements for UQ degree program entry.
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Course Content
Course modules include:
  • Academic Reading & Writing
    A variety of texts are used to develop reading and note taking skills. Written work develops students’ abilities to construct complex sentences, paragraphs and essays. EAP II students use computer labs for researching and writing an extended assignment.
  • IELTS Preparation
    Practise in all areas of the IELTS test, including test-taking strategies and timed practice.
  • Audio-Visual
    Students watch and discuss documentary-style programs to develop listening comprehension skills and improve vocabulary. Group discussions about these programs also develop speaking skills in group situations.
  • Formal Talks (speaking skills)
    Practise in organising, writing and delivering a spoken presentation.
  • Listening & Notetaking
    A live or videotaped lecture to give students a large class university experience.
Assessment & Certification
Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing tests are held at the end of each 5 week session. For more information about assessment and certification click here.
Students are also required to adhere to the ICTE-UQ Attendance Policy.
Students who want to learn more about how many weeks they will need to study English to achieve a target IELTS test score can click here.
Course Information
Course Levels
EAP I Higher Intermediate (CEFR B2.2)
EAP II Advanced (CEFR C1)
Entry Requirements*
EAP I IELTS: 5.0 (no sub-bandscore less than 5.0)
TOEFL iBT: 56 (Speaking: 15; Listening and Reading: 12; Writing: 17)
TOEFL PBT: 500 (Listening: 47; Reading: 46; Writing: 55/4)
PTE: 42 (no score less than 42)
or completion of ICTE-UQ GE Level 5 with a pass in each macro skill*
EAP II IELTS: 5.5 (no sub-bandscore less than 5.5)
TOEFL iBT: 70 (Speaking, Listening, and Reading: 17; Writing: 19)
TOEFL PBT: 530 (Listening: 52; Reading: 52; Writing: 57/4)
PTE: 49 (no score less than 49)
or completion of ICTE-UQ EAP I or GE Level 6 with a pass in each macro skill*
* or equivalent as determined by ICTE-UQ. All students are tested on their first day at ICTE-UQ to determine their course and class level.
Duration 5, 10, 20, 30 weeks (students usually spend 10 weeks at each course level)
Tuition 20 hours face-to-face classes and five hours of SKILL-UP directed self-access learning each week
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